Staying Healthy in Child Care


|August 3, 2017| 3mins


As all parents undoubtedly believe, sick children and child care, at times, goes hand in hand.  Not only does sickness impact everyone’s day to day routines but it can also have substantial impacts on children’s education and adult work life.

As part of our parent information event series, we recently invited Dr. Michael Clem and the team from Seven Hills Family Doctors present to our families and provide some fantastic advice around how to stay healthy in child care.

We would like to thank Dr. Clem, Dr. Chow and Dr. Nixon for taking time out of their busy schedules to discuss a variety of topics on the night. The open forum allowed all those who attended to get a some fantastic hints and tips on how to stay healthy in child care – from the experts.

Seven Hills Family Doctors is a boutique whole of life surgery which focuses on local families. Located on the Corso in Seven Hills this private practice is worth investigating if you are looking to establish a long term relationship with a surgery.

One element the Doctors all detailed to our parents on the evening was understanding and recognising exclusion periods is so important to ensure that children remain healthy.  So often we see children who should be kept at home dropped off at child care.  Not only does this prolong a child’s recovery but it also promotes the spread of disease and often results in other children at child care becoming infected.  Every ‘bug’ has a different period of exclusion from child care and completely depends on the infectious nature of the germ.

As parents of children in child care, the importance of doing the small things goes a long way toward the prevention of disease. Consistent hand washing, recognizing exclusion periods and regular visits to your GP will minimize the impacts and spread of poor health.