Our Approach

Timber Tots is committed to the highest level of communication and care.  We know that children learn and develop most successfully when families and educators work together.

That’s why we take the time to get to know the parents and family members of each child, and we work closely with you to build meaningful and positive relationships that will help inspire your child’s love for learning.

To enhance your child’s wellbeing, learning and development, we also encourage families to be involved in our centre by to providing input in our programs, spending time with your children at the centre and contributing skills and resources.

Timber Tots features a range of outstanding indoor and outdoor play spaces.


Indoors, there is a fully functioning library where educators will teach children about the value and love of libraries and its books.

Extra-Curricular activities will also be provided at Timber Tots to help extend children’s areas of interest in a variety of areas including dance, sport, music, language and art.  Please enquire at Reception regarding the amazing opportunities provided at Timber Tots.


Our unique, age appropriate outdoor play areas have been purpose built to help children grow and develop in play spaces that are safe and exciting.

As children grow and move through the centre they are offered new and exciting play spaces that extend their fine and gross motor skills, imagination and creativity.

Chickens, worm farms, native stingless bees and herb and vegetable gardens will also be incorporated into the centre to help teach children about the importance of nature in the world around us.

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