Recycle Man

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|November 29, 2018| 3mins

Recycle Man recently flew into to Timber Tots to educate our children on the importance of recycling and looking after our planet. Following a chorus of High 5’s Recycle Man transformed our classroom into Recycling Super Heroes with a special mission – to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, tin cans and glass bottles – with every small step being a big change for our environment.

Sustainability is woven into the DNA of Timber Tots Child Care. From our 35kw solar system installed on the roof to minimise our Grid power usage through to the 20,000L rainwater tank installed in the basement, we have planned to ensure we have a high green star rating.

We understand the importance of recycling and minimising our footprint on the environment and are committed to delivering sustainability within our community and reducing our impact. Through our outdoor gardening program, our full time Garden Educator spends time with each of our children every week discussing nature. Whether it is within Eden’s Garden, on a tour of the local Wetlands or just sitting under a tree in our adjacent park, our children are continually absorbing the natural environment.

We are waste smart and continually compost our off-cuts and organic matter, reducing our overall Landfill waste. Working with our Land Share partner, the Mini Farm Project (MFP), we have also been able to give back to the community and provide land which produces food for the poor. Further to this, we have partnered with MFP to provide education for our children and will continually involve our Kindy and Pre-Kindy children in their gardening program.

Through the past 2 years we have focussed upon further embedding sustainable practices into the everyday actions of all key stakeholders at Timber Tots. We now proudly hold a Level 4 ‘Small Green Steps’ Accreditation and look to continually improve upon our current policies and procedures. From our youngest children through to the kindergarten group, our educators, consultants and parents we look to instill an appreciation for nature.