Looking After Little Teeth

Events , Parenting

|September 11, 2017| 3mins


Little teeth are so important to look after. The baby teeth set our children’s mouths up for the environment into which the adult teeth enter and develop. They can be with our children up to the age of 12, and damage done at a young age can have ongoing issues for adult teeth into the future.

We recently welcomed Dr. Steve Kazoulis, a Pediatric Dentist from Q Dental, to Timber Tots to discuss how best to care for children’s teeth – but also to answer any of those niggly questions our parents may have.

On the night, Dr. Steve talked to our parents about when and how to start brushing, the importance of brushing every day before bed, the use of major brand toothpaste to ensure the quality of the paste.  Interestingly, it was recommended that toothpaste is spat out following a teeth clean but mouths should not be rinsed to ensure that toothpaste remains on the teeth.

Dr. Steve also highlighted that a child should visit a dentist for the first time at 12 months old and begin a regular schedule of check ups.  This simple practice should ensure any issues are identified and treated early Рcreating a happy and healthy set of teeth!