The Importance of Speech Development in Children

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|November 13, 2017| 2mins


In childhood education, speech development along with physical, social and language have a substantial impact on a child into their later years.  Any developmental red flag can impact their confidence and their lack of desire to participate in activities.

We recently invited Belinda Fisher to Timber Tots to discuss with our parents the importance of speech and language in a child’s development. With training in PROMPT, Visualising and Verbalising, ADOS training and extensive experience working with a variety of strategies for children with speech and language difficulties Belinda came highly recommended.  She is also currently undertaking a PhD through UQ regarding supporting early childcare educators to identify and support children with language difficulties.  Belinda has over 14 years’ experience working with children with speech and language difficulties.  She has previously worked at Learning Links, The Glenleighden School and ran The LET’S TALK Clinic in Stones Corner for a number of years.

As parents, by aligning ourselves with professionals who have the capability to identify potential problem areas and/or areas we can help our children to excel we will provide them with the tools they require to be successful.  Early intervention is critical to understand and help our families understand and therefore seek help if required, and therefore limit frustration in our home lives.

It is important to understand that speech is the way we make sounds, where language is the way we put the words together to make a sentence and communicate.  It underpins what we think and what we say and how we perceive what is happening in the word around us.  For children it underpins everything they do at school, their emotions, their wellbeing and their interactions.  Without a true understanding of language, our children often respond by withdrawing or creating behaviourial issues out of frustration.

If you wish to learn more about speech development in children or are seeking any professional feedback feel free to contact Belinda Fisher at HeadStart Queensland – 0408 071 226.