The Importance of Nature Play

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|June 3, 2019| 4mins


It can be understood that for some, playing indoors is an easier option – you don’t have to worry about sun, rain, cold, strangers or insects. But unfortunately, this controlled environment can limit a child’s potential. When playing outside in an unstructured environment, the benefits for children can be limitless as it exposes them to varying situations where they are forced to learn and adapt to best fit themselves into the prevailing conditions. For example, a simple activity of playing on a pile of rock helps children to develop their balancing skills, coordination, confidence and decision making skills. Education beyond the fence is critical for our children and for their future development.

By offering children an opportunity to go bike day excursions, walks to the wetlands, Wembley park and the netball courts, watching the dogs at the park or even just a short walk and play in the parklands creates deeper learning experiences for the children. By integrating nature play and sustainable ethos throughout our program, all of these experiences provide endless benefits such as increases in confidence, resilience, negotiating risks, social benefits, physical and mental wellness.

Along with excursions into the community our children also have the opportunity to visit our onsite garden to interact with ducks, chickens, native bees, learn about planting and harvesting, looking for worms, composting, playing in the mud kitchen and also participating in important jobs such as collecting eggs, cleaning the pond and ensuring the animals are well feed and have water. Such fun and hands on experiences allow children to become earthed in the natural environment which improves levels of anxiety, stress and improves a state of calmness and happiness.

Through all of the different ways nature play is offered at Timber Tots, we are proud to be official providers of Nature Play’s Forest Learning and Bush Kindergarten. We are now 1 of only 12 Centres in QLD who have qualified based on our regular nature play and outdoor learning experiences, specialized sessions in offsite natural environments and strong belief in the benefits of nature play.