Hello from Timber Tots


|February 21, 2018| 4mins


It has been an action packed start to the year for everyone here at Timber Tots with successful room transitions and new starters comfortably settling into their new rooms. To all our new parents, welcome to Timber Tots Child Care. We hope that our educators are able to grow and guide your children in the years to come.

A big thank you must go to our amazing staff who have ensured everything in these first few weeks has been relatively smooth. We love seeing all the happy faces you all create each day.

In October 2017 the Queensland Department of Education undertook an Assessment & Rating of Timber Tots Child Care against the National Quality Standards (NQS). The NQS exists to set a high national benchmark for early childhood education and care.

We are happy to share, that through the hard work of our educators and leaders, that we were rated Exceeding. Only 1 in 3 centres in Queensland achieve an Exceeding Rating. Well done to the entire team and for their ongoing commitment to providing high quality care for all our children and families.

On the 25th of January, we all celebrated Australia Day. All the children had an amazing time exploring ball sports, water play, and recognition of our history and culture. It was brought together with a picnic and a BBQ with home made lamingtons.

We also celebrated Chinese New Years from the 12th to the 16th of February. the children explored the Chinese culture and The Year of the Dog through a variety of activities and experiences. From dumpling making to music and dragon dances.

Recently, Timber Tots Educators undertook a Professional Development course centred around the importance of Nature Play and Forest School – Education Beyond the Fence. At Timber Tots we recognise that the outdoors can have a significant impact on a child’s education, and given our already significant commitment to sustainability and the outdoors. Throughout 2018 we will be focused on further embedding learning beyond the fence within our educational programs. Our connection to the parkland, wetlands and the purpose built nature of Eden’s Garden makes Timber Tots truly unique in the Brisbane educational landscape.

Finally, all classes have now completed their individual information nights. We trust that these have been valuable and answered many questions about specific programs, goals and activities that will be undertaken at Timber Tots throughout 2018. If anyone would like any further detail at all, please do not hesitate to discuss with your educators or drop into Reception.

Throughout 2018, Timber Tots Child Care hope to offer a variety of social events, parent information nights and specific centre wide “special events” for the children. These major events have already been penciled in for 2018 and can be found in our Centre Calendar which is available and accessible in every room or at Reception. We do encourage everyone to check this out, however we will communicate each of these events as they come up.