Harmony Day 2019 – Everyone Belongs

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|April 11, 2019| 2mins


Each year, on the 21st of March, as a nation Australia celebrates Harmony Day. A day established to celebrate our society’s cultural diversity.

To live in Australia is to recognise that, although some people may look or dress differently, come from a different background or have different customs, everyone should be made to feel equal and be treated with fairness and respect. Unfortunately what our little minds see on TV or hear about from us as parents and adults sometimes varies due to worldwide conflicts surrounding race, religion and culture.

Harmony Day helps our children to interact and understand that whilst everyone is different, everyone belongs. It opens discussions around what makes us the same and what makes us different. It allows our children to talk about our different families, friends and lifestyles and allows or children to feel like they are important in our community.

Harmony Day is only one day each year, but this video reflects what the Timber Tots family implement every day.

Video Credit – Aliena Stallman